Our team of spa consulting professionals will ensure the creation of an environment that meets the needs of every single user. With many years of experience in the design and realisation of spas, we provide complete solutions to create the perfect wellness space for private and commercial facilities.

We thoroughly study our client’s expectations and acquire the necessary data to develop a bespoke layout.
The functional concept and subdivision of the areas are drawn up considering every single requirement. Through the presentation of plans for the spaces, we suggest the specific equipment and technical areas we consider necessary.

Following preliminary planning, the architectural plan is prepared. The final designs, executive drawings, estimates and specifications of the supplies and works are then set out.

From spa concept to planning, management and aftercare, discover here the complete spa services our spa consultancy team provides:

Step 1

Spa Wellness Concept

We’ve developed a conceptual process model that goes through every aspect of your dream spa, from the initial idea to the final touch, so that the result is a 100% satisfaction.

In the first step we determine the client’s objectives and preferences and the Spa vision & mission.

Spa Vision & Mission


Project Objectives


Spa Design Preferences


Interior Features

Step 2

Spa Site Assessment

During the site assessment process, our spa engineers will conduct a full check-up of your area, taking into consideration the smallest details and specifications of the space.

We will make sure that your site is ready for a makeover.

Spa Layout


Spa Equipment Selection


Functionality Plans


Technical Specifications

Step 3

Spa Resource Management

A good spa requires good management.

Our consultants will help you make the right decisions for your spa area with our spa resource management bespoke services.

Spa Area Management


Spa Resources


Spa Relax Sectors


Step 4

Spa Wellness Design

From bespoke saunas, steam rooms, ice rooms and warm baths luxury showers, loungers, and unique accessories, we’ve got every inch of your spa facility covered.

Our spa consulting team will help you design the perfect solution to provide your guests with a memorable experience.

Draft Cabin Design


Client Review


2D & 3D Designs


Complete Spa Wellness Design


Step 5

Spa Service

We also provide complete aftercare solutions, so your spa is always ready for your guests.

Our spa services range from maintenance and training to marketing promotions and business development support, so every part of your spa business will be taken care of.

Spa Engineering


Spa Assistance


Spa Training


Spa Promotion


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