WONDER: Heat and steam come together in our Multifunction Cabin

Wonder 2 in 1. Warmth, steam, emotions of water, lights, scents, and sounds. The Wellness One cabin, which is both a Sauna and a STEAM ROOM, is a flow of emotions provided by water, lights, scents, and sounds.

It is the complete SPA for every need of space, concept, and functionality since it allows you to do any treatment involving Wellness One technologies.

Materials and Technologies

WONDER cabin is made with 56-mm Sandwich panels, consisting of 40 mm PET insulation, multi-layer marine plywood, and a finishing layer. The benches and the backrest are made of Thermowood, and the walls are in various finishes available in the catalogue or at the request of the customer. The external frame can be made of various finishes, such as Thermowood, White or Black Corian, Polished Steel or Bronze.



The temperatures in the Finnish sauna are never lower than 60°C and can even reach 100°C, the ideal temperature for a dry heat bath. The low level of humidity, unlike Steam room, means that the body can feel the heat without ever perspiring excessively.



The STEAM ROOM uses water in the form of hot steam to heat the skin and the respiratory tract quickly. The STEAM ROOM, because it has lower temperatures than the Finnish sauna, between 42-44°C, allows you to have longer sessions, which are a real cure-all for the respiratory tract, thanks also to the balsamic essences inhaled together with the steam, which go a long way to preventing respiratory ailments.


The Wonder cabin is fully customisable. The most interesting variant consists in separating the sauna and the STEAM ROOM from the shower, putting the latter next to it, separated by glass, or completely detached. The finishes, in all cases, are numerous, from light to dark colours. The Wonder cabin is designed to create a complete Wellness experience even in tight spaces.

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