The Traditional and Magical Steam room

The allure of the Steam room has ancient origins: suffice it to say that we find an explicit reference to it in the collection of novels known as "The Thousand and One Nights." The Traditional Steam Room reflects this tradition, which recalls the Moroccan Hammams, and has shaped walls and benches ready to be tiled to give way to arabesque mosaics and precious colours.

Each cabin is equipped with a steam dispenser, also ready to be tiled, which will emit a cloud of ventilated steam enriched with aromatic fragrances, which together with chromotherapy will make the Steam Room a magical and suggestive environment.

Materials and Technologies

The Traditional Steam room is made of PET panels only 42 mm thick, ready to be tiled. The benches are also ready to be tiled, and are available in two conformations: the first is square, while the second is more rounded.


In addition to the FM radio, each cabin has a wireless Bluetooth connection. In this way, each session can be customised according to one's preferences, in this way the device can be left several metres away from the cabin, without depriving the user of the chosen music.


The experience of the Steam room improves with essential oils, which are that extra touch that brings out all the benefits of the Steam room itself.

The Steam room, in fact, exploits the properties of the steam enriched with essential oils, purifying the body of excess toxins, providing relaxation and comfort in an area full of aromatic fragrances.


The Steam room is often still interpreted as a single-function cabin. Wellness one has created the multi-purpose Steam room cabins, namely integrated with a shower, which can be used as an everyday shower, enriching the bathroom space.

Wellness one offers various shower head systems, from a simple reaction shower to a professional emotional shower.


Traditional steam rooms are places that combine body care and relaxation with a social and cultural function. They can be enriched with the internal heating of benches and walls for more intense well-being.

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