MATRIX, Steam room and shower cabin for home

Matrix is the ideal cabin for creating a small wellness corner in your bathroom. You don't have to give up the dream of having a steam cabin just because you don't have the space you need. Matrix has the standard dimensions of a bathtub, which can therefore be easily replaced without additional and expensive work. A cabin created with the functionality of a shower but which can be transformed into a steam room. The ideal solution without sacrificing wellness in your home

Materials and Technologies

The Matrix cabin is made with PET panels covered with HPL in various colors with a total thickness of only 42 mm. The frame, on the other hand, can be a different color to personalize your cabin. The shower tray, if chosen, is made of white Solid Surface, a very strong and easy-to-clean material.  Matrix is equipped with a stool, also in Solid Surface.   


In addition to the FM radio, each cabin has a wireless Bluetooth connection. In this way, each session can be customised according to one's preferences, in this way the device can be left several metres away from the cabin, without depriving the user of the chosen music.


The experience of the steam room improves with essential oils, which are that extra touch that brings out all the benefits of the steam room itself.

The steam room, in fact, exploits the properties of the steam enriched with essential oils, purifying the body of excess toxins, providing relaxation and comfort in an area full of aromatic fragrances.


The steam room is often still interpreted as a single-function cabin. Wellness One has created the multi-purpose steam room cabins, namely integrated with a shower, which can be used as an everyday shower, enriching the bathroom space.

Wellness One offers various shower head systems, from a simple reaction shower to a professional emotional shower.


The customisation of the Matrix cabin is both in terms of technology and finishes: in fact, you can choose from a range of colours from light to dark for the finishes, and at the same time you can have a series of shower heads or high quality fun side jets.

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