A Spa luxury is a fantastic way to transform the areas of your property with a new lease of life.

Depending on your needs, you can create a new relaxation area that makes the most of an indoor or outdoor space.

Let us guide you throughout your luxury swimming pool planning and installation journey.
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Spa Pools Design And Build

Luxury spa pools are built from a range of coatings and finishes that you can choose from, including ceramic, mosaic, stone coating, or a prefabricated EPS solution. It also features an overflow edge for displaced water to run into, where it is collected, cleaned, and filtered back into the spa pool looking good as new.

Depending on the space and size desired, the spa pool can be designed to accommodate up to ten people. The design allows for either a sitting or semi-lying down position.

Sitting positions are great for when you are creating a spa pool that will be actively used as part of your social life. This design enables you to sit back and enjoy your spa pool as part of your celebrations and time with friends, family, and guests.

If you’d like to dedicate your spa pool purely to the purpose of total relaxation, a semi-lying position is best. You’ll be able to settle back into the warm waters and totally immerse yourself in the wellness spa experience.

Working with our expert spa team, you can create a bespoke spa pool as part of a space that you, your family, and your guests will fully enjoy.

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