ONE, Finnish sauna perfect for your home

Sauna ONE is perfect for private homes, where space is limited, but is also suitable for gyms, beauty centers, or day spas. To make it, Wellness One chose the highest-quality materials, such as Pinewood or Canadian Hemlock, high quality and durable wood. Sauna One is the ideal solution for those who want to have a Finnish sauna in their home. It is available in the Standard version, with the front finished in Pinewood or Hemlock slats and a tempered glass door to create a more intimate space, or in the Visual version, with a fully glazed front, and a tempered glass door to provide more light. 

Materials and Technologies

The Country Sauna has a load-bearing structure made of Pinewood uprights and crosspieces with insulating material (rock wool) on the inside and an aluminium barrier against the steam.  It is available in Pinewood or Canadian Hemlock with a suspended bench and backrest in Abachi wood, also known as Ayous, an athermic and durable wood.  

bio sauna

The Biosauna reaches a temperature of 40–55 °C with a maximum humidity of 60–70%. This technology is very much in demand, both professionally and for private use. It is ideal for those who do not like high temperatures and high humidity. A pleasant feeling of warmth surrounds you and envelops you without being too invasive.

salt sauna

The salt sauna enhances the classic Finnish sauna with a wall of Himalayan pink salt, creating an ideal environment for purifying the respiratory system and providing a feeling of well-being and comfort. Furthermore, the space is more attractive and at the same time calming, thanks to the chromotherapy given by the salt wall illuminated with RGB LEDs.

infrared sauna

The infrared sauna is a "bath" of dry heat that provides a pleasant and relaxing sensation of well-being, similar to that experienced when sunbathing. The main difference with respect to a classic Finnish sauna is in the action of the invisible infrared rays (I.R.), which directly heat the body without overly heating the air. This application is recommended for the private sector, where often it is not possible to make use of very large spaces.


All Wellness One cabins can come in any size. Also, Sauna ONE can be made to measure, taking into consideration the spaces made available by the customer and the design and practicality requirements. The simplicity of its materials provides enormous flexibility with regard to customization, starting from the front, which can be glazed, semi-closed, or with the possibility of choosing the external finish. The sauna can also be further enhanced with accessories, such as a towel rail, a shelf for slippers, and a hanger.

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