A detoxifying path

The Salt Sauna combines heat with the purifying effects of the purest rock salt.

Himalayan salt is not ordinary sea salt but a crystalline formation that has allowed Himalayan salt to absorb and incorporate trace elements that are valuable to the body. The richest salt in trace elements, extracted from ancient dried sea residues such as Himalayan salt, is the most energetic and healthiest source for human beings.

Inside the Wellness One Salt Sauna, there is always a Himalayan salt brick wall backlit with RGB and an electric heater that heats the cabin, bringing the temperature between 40° and 60°C. Thanks to the temperature, the body is purified from the electromagnetic pollution that accumulates every day in our body, giving deep psychophysical well-being. 

A stop in the Salt Sauna created by Wellness One will enable the body to assimilate the properties of Himalayan Salt and embark on a detoxifying path. The skin, purified from dead cells, will be smoother and brighter.

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