Cold Cabin

Cold is just as important as heat. This is why the cold cabin, also called the Polar cabin, is the perfect solution in combination with the dry heat of the sauna to make even the most shocking post-sauna moment a pleasant one, offering the body the chance to gradually return to its normal temperature, bringing the sweating process to an end.

The importance of Cold

The Polar Cabin is a cold room that is normally accessed at the end of the wellness program in warm cabins.

This last path serves to improve blood circulation and the immune system. The ICE cabin has a cooling system that generates cold mist using high-pressure pumps and regulators, and it can have an ice cascade inside.

A super-cold cabin that will be kept between 5 and 10 degrees to guarantee even the biggest fans of the sauna the prospect of diving into the right combination of air and cold typical of the Nordic countries to generate a pleasant general tonification of the body.

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