An Ice Fountain to tone the skin

During the processes of bodily stimulation accelerated with the entry of the body into the hot cabins (sauna, Steam room, biosauna, herbal sauna, infrared cabin, etc...), it is of fundamental importance to support the skin reaction mechanisms.

This is why a thermal “shock” reaction to the skin is needed to awaken the body’s self-healing capacities. The ice, rubbed over the body instead of cold water, ensures tone and shape.

The ice is rubbed over the skin with a vigorous massage, starting, in accordance with the principles of hydrotherapy, with the areas furthest from the heart. The ice is used to remove the intense heat gained from the cabins and stop the sweating process to avoid burdening the body too much.

Vigorous friction with the cold ice tones and avoids any possible discomfort after the sauna. It is an essential practice for a real health treatment!

Ice fountain, or icefall, Wellness One consists of a glass tank that collects finely chopped ice flakes and a machine that produces it.

The contact of the ice with the hot body, after a session in the sauna or in the steam room, will give you a pleasant feeling of well-being. The immune and circulatory systems are also beneficial.

In addition to giving benefits, the Wellness One ice fountain also has a scenographic effect, as the pool is illuminated at the bottom with blue LEDs.

A professional fountain suitable for both private and public spas.

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