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Our innovative treatments that improve your well-being can be experienced first hand in our showroom. Discover the benefits of dry flotation beds and red light therapy.

Make conscious and intentional choices that promote optimal physical and mental health

Wellness One Healthstyle provides the experience of using state of the art, scientifically proven Dry Flotation Beds and Red Light Therapy beds products to enhance your mental wellbeing. 

By adopting Healthstyle with Wellness One you will experience numerous benefits, including reducing the risk of chronic diseases including heart disease and diabetes, improving mental health and overall well-being, and increasing longevity.   Healthstyle is a lifelong journey and requires ongoing effort and commitment to maintain optimal health and well-being, driven by Wellness One Healthstyle products.


Silver membership

£7500 per annum up to five hour long dry flotation sessions per week. PAYABLE MONTHLY £625 per month.


Gold membership

£10,000 use of red-light therapy bed max five 30 min sessions per week. PAYABLE MONTHLY £830 per month.


Platinum membership

£15,000 use on any product but is not transferrable max five 30 min sessions per week on red light therapy and five hour long sessions per week on dry flotation. PAYABLE MONTHLY £1250 per month.

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