Energy Efficient Pool

The EPS-preformed pools allow bespoke design and dimensions. This is thanks to a well-rehearsed production process and the careful and precise work of craftsmen. This makes each pool a unique project with high performance. The use of high-performance material like EPS for the manufacture of self-supporting pools and mini pools is a guarantee of durability through time. Furthermore, they can be inground or installed above ground.

Energy Efficient Pools
Energy Efficient Pools
Energy Efficient Pools

How to choose the perfect One Piece Pool.

Ellipse 1 (2)  Choose the size of the pool length + width + depth.

Ellipse 1 (2)  Choose any added spa features.

Ellipse 1 (2)  Choose stainless steel or plastic fittings.

Ellipse 1 (2)  Pool cover or no pool cover.

Ellipse 1 (2)  Choose the tiles.

Ellipse 1 (2)  Choosing water management system required.

Ellipse 1 (2)  Place order, pay deposit.

Ellipse 1 (2)  Eight weeks your pool is ready for you to swim.


Enegry Efficient Pool

Production Process


Designer’s Insight

Everything begins from the designer’s insight: an emotion that is rationalized and takes the shape of a project.

Technical Department

Our technical department is responsible for project engineering. Our skilled and expert staff will guide, advise and help you to prepare the drawings of your structures.

Precision Cutting

From the project to precision cutting. Once the final drawings have been approved, the EPS blocks will be prepared for the cutting with the CNC machines, through which they will receive the first refinement.

Human Factor

The human factor. The human factor is essential, present and involved. The piece-by-piece manufacturing, executed by our craftsmen, turns every little detail into a unique masterpiece in terms of quality and precision.

Fittings Insertion

Fittings Insertion. Fittings insertion inside the structures takes place during production process, followed by the levelling.


Levelling. Thanks to the use of glass fibre and a special cement-based mix, this manual process gives our products a very long life, able to last and resist through time.

Quality Control

Quality Control. Before receiving the quality label, every product is checked and tested by a certified staff.


Packaging. Before shipping, every piece of our structure is wrapped in suitable packaging to make sure structures arrive on-site in the same conditions they left the factory.

Assembly and Waterproofing

Assembly. Assembling our modular structures is quick and simple. Handling on construction sites is made easier by the lightweight material which does not have any impact on the load-bearing structure of the building.

How It Works

Klimapool exploits the insulating properties of the raw material through which the pool is built, a polymeric compound with high-quality standards, and combines it with reinforcing and waterproofing solutions.
Every element of the pool produced with this technology has in fact a higher energy yield compared to the most popular traditional technologies used until nowadays.
Energy Efficient Pools

Energy Efficient Pools

Distribution of internal temperatures

The above picture shows the best comfort inside the Klimapool pool given by the constancy of the temperature and a higher gradient, as well as the absence of thermal bridges.
Energy Efficient Pools

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